TrueNAS CORE | Enterprise Security Responses

Welcome to the Advisories and Responses page for TrueNAS CORE security topics. The latest security advisories are presented in a dynamic table and assigned an iX Vulnerability Rating.

Select a version to load advisories into the table. Clicking a table row shows more details.

See the TrueNAS CORE Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for an inventory of underlying software components that help create TrueNAS CORE software.

Export Current View downloads a .csv file containing all the information about the advisories that are currently visible in the table. Filter the table with the Search box and the Version Select dropdown. To see all potential vulnerabilities that iXsystems has assessed as not applicable to the product, set Show False Positives. Reset Table returns the table to the full view.

Clicking a table header sorts entries in ascending or descending alphabetical order. Click a table row to see additional details and an iXsystems-generated response to the advisory.

Reference Base Severity (NIST) Description iX Vulnerability Rating Fix Version

Archived CORE Advisories

See the CORE Archive for security advisories created for the first TrueNAS Security website.